Blend, Transport, Broadcast…..Repeat!

Over the past week we have applied plowdown fertilizers over thousands of acres.  The majority of these fields included variable rate application – applying the right amount of fertilizer over every acre.

Our mechanics have also been busy in the shop working on and plumbing the liquid tender trucks.  As corn and soybean planting is right around the corner, having all liquid trucks up and running is a top priority.IMG_2556

Seed Deliveries….Part 2!

As seed corn deliveries are in full swing and with the weather breaking, its time to turn our attention to soybeans and soybean treatment.  Seed treatment gives the seed the best opportunity to get out of the ground by shielding it from common pests.  The majority of our soybean seeds are treated with Valent®’s Intego™ Suite System (tag).  This treatment provides industry leading protection against phytophthora, pythium, fusarium, rhizoctonia, and seed and seedling decay.

Ask your seed salesman how the Intego™ Suite System is able to increase your soybean yields today!

Custom Application & Topdressing Wheat

One of the first sprays of the crop year comes in the form of topdressing wheat.  As wheat in the area leaves its state of dormancy, it needs another dose of fertilizer, primarily nitrogen, to fulfill its nutrient requirement through harvest.  And, with the wet spring we are having so far, finding a good opportunity to get in the field for custom application becomes difficult.

Thank goodness today is one of those days!

Farmers are starting pre-plant applications of NH3

For many farmers in the area, this week begins the first application of nitrogen for the coming corn crops.  This is also the first week that many tractors will see dirt since last harvest.  Anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks, pulled by these tractors, provide the nitrogen for pre-plant applications.

Don’t forget about the value of adding a nitrogen stabilizer to your NH3!  Ask your salesman how a nitrogen stabilizer, like N-Serve, can preserve your most expensive fertilizer in the soil.

It’s Late March…Time for Seed Corn Deliveries!

Are you ready for your seed corn?  Over the past week we have started organizing and delivering seed corn orders to customers, a process that will take approximately one month to six weeks.  And, as long as mother nature cooperates, we will begin treating and delivering soybeans in the coming weeks.  It is hard to believe that planting season is right around the corner!

As a reminder:  Make sure you protect your seed from rodents and other pests (mice, raccoons, etc.).

2015 Climate Pro is Here!

Climate Pro for 2015 is now online and operational allowing access to past Field Health Images and the Nitrogen Advisor for currently enrolled Pro fields.  Sign in to your Climate account, and ask your Climate Salesman how these tools can improve the efficiency of your farming operation.


Update!  Soybean acres can now be added to Climate Pro.

Coming This Year:  The ability to “drop a pin” on a particular location in a field and go to that location with a smart phone.

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