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2017 Aerial Applications

Over the past 10 days, nearly 12,000 acres of our customers’ corn have been sprayed with insecticide, fungicide, or both.  Based on our early scouting, western bean cutworm and corn rust are going to be severe in areas this year.  It is important to have your corn protected.  Falor Farm Center prides itself on the vigilance and knowledge of its agronomists and the hard work of its supporting staff.  We, at FFC, would also like to thank AgriFlite Services Inc for their ability to get these corn fields sprayed in a timely and professional manner.

Long Planting Gap

Based on the weather, this year’s planting will be a couple weeks later than usual.  Cooler temperatures <currently 54F> and excessive rainfall <3+” in the last week> are proving to be an obstacle.  <Significant number of farmers haven’t planted yet, estimated 20% corn planted in area, farmers have ceased operations since Thursday, next week looks promising>

Head Honcho Alert!

On another note, our office administrator Brooke would like to wish everyone a successful farming season!  She is the glue that holds the organization together.

Hobbies Include:  Keeping the rabble in line, poking fun at the salesmen, and stepping on throats to get tasks done!

We’re on the Eve of Harvest

This year will definitely have an early harvest.  Most of the soybean fields in the area are losing their leaves while the corn completes its transition to brown.  Corn tested today, which won’t be harvested for a couple weeks,  was approximately 23%-25% moisture.  This harvest will also allow us to determine the extent of the damage of last spring/summer’s excessive rainfall.  All we can hope for now is a dry harvest.

Aerial Fungicide Application Complete!

Although the original plan was to use helicopters, they became too backlogged to apply our fields in time.  So, we switched to Plan B — Planes.  The company we had aerially apply the fungicide was top notch;  they were there for us on short notice and did an extraordinary job.  We will definitely use them in the future.  All that’s left this summer is some spraying of insecticides, fungicides, and/or herbicides on soybeans.  Then, it will be Fulton County Fair time!

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Last week, weather forecasters were predicting 2+” of rain for this past weekend.  Unfortunately, they were right with areas getting 2-4″ of rain causing a lot of standing water.  As we begin our second day of drying, ditches are draining, water is receding, and temperatures are rising.  Hopefully, minimal damage was done resulting in few replants and little nitrogen loss.

These are the kinds of rains we need in July, not May.