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Corn’s Up….Let the Sidedressing Begin!

As pre-emerge spraying winds down, sidedressing season builds up steam.  The corn has been out of the ground for the last few weeks so it’s time for a second shot of nitrogen.  Although recent rains have suppressed some applications,  ammonia is still leaving the facility at a steady pace.  Next week’s rain forecast has made some growers nervous as they try to finish up planting and sidedressing.


Farmers are starting pre-plant applications of NH3

For many farmers in the area, this week begins the first application of nitrogen for the coming corn crops.  This is also the first week that many tractors will see dirt since last harvest.  Anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks, pulled by these tractors, provide the nitrogen for pre-plant applications.

Don’t forget about the value of adding a nitrogen stabilizer to your NH3!  Ask your salesman how a nitrogen stabilizer, like N-Serve, can preserve your most expensive fertilizer in the soil.