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2017 Aerial Applications

Over the past 10 days, nearly 12,000 acres of our customers’ corn have been sprayed with insecticide, fungicide, or both.  Based on our early scouting, western bean cutworm and corn rust are going to be severe in areas this year.  It is important to have your corn protected.  Falor Farm Center prides itself on the vigilance and knowledge of its agronomists and the hard work of its supporting staff.  We, at FFC, would also like to thank AgriFlite Services Inc for their ability to get these corn fields sprayed in a timely and professional manner.

Come Hell or High Water…We’re Going to Get Some More Spraying Done

Actually, that is not entirely true.  We won’t be spraying with the JD 4830s until the soil dries in the soybean fields.  What we are going to do in the meantime is contract with a company to spray Headline AMP, a fungicide, on some of this (formerly) waterlogged corn via helicopter.  The window to spray this dual disease control fungicide to get full benefit is about to open (just post tassel) and lasts 10 to 14 days.  After that, the advantage of applying late season fungicide diminishes.

“A dry year will scare you to death, but a wet year will starve you to death.” – Common Saying Among Farmers

Blend, Transport, Broadcast…..Repeat!

Over the past week we have applied plowdown fertilizers over thousands of acres.  The majority of these fields included variable rate application – applying the right amount of fertilizer over every acre.

Our mechanics have also been busy in the shop working on and plumbing the liquid tender trucks.  As corn and soybean planting is right around the corner, having all liquid trucks up and running is a top priority.IMG_2556

Custom Application & Topdressing Wheat

One of the first sprays of the crop year comes in the form of topdressing wheat.  As wheat in the area leaves its state of dormancy, it needs another dose of fertilizer, primarily nitrogen, to fulfill its nutrient requirement through harvest.  And, with the wet spring we are having so far, finding a good opportunity to get in the field for custom application becomes difficult.

Thank goodness today is one of those days!